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The young vines, planted on sandy, gravelly soil, grow between the dominant Chinon hillsides and the Vienne River. The clay soil founded on chalky Turonian bedrock is particularly suited to the “old vines” which love this environment allowing for optimal concentration of flavours and high quality raw material. The soil and terroir of Panzoult produces a Cabernet Franc full of fruit and character; a different type of Chinon; a unique Chinon.

At the edge of the vineyard one can find another red variety, in very small quantities. The Domaine’s Cabernet Sauvignon is used to create a spicy distinctive wine produced in small quantities also produced from « old » vines.

The parcel of Chenin Blanc, is situated on the southern slopes of the « appellation » grown on warm chalky soil which is ideal for optimal maturity of this white variety known as the “king” of the Touraine region

We use natural methods; tillage and green pruning during the spring, in order to protect the local fauna and flora and the local environment, ensuring our vines are cultivated using traditional winegrowing techniques.