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When the grapes reach optimal maturity it’s time to harvest! Picked in the early hours of the morning they arrive at the winery chilled so as to preserve all their aromatic potential.

To create our rosé wines we use a technique called “bleeding” which allows us to preserve the beautiful colour and the complex aromas of the Cabernet Franc grapes.

The Chenin Blanc grapes are pressed as soon as they arrive at the winery. Once clarified the juice is put into barrels where the alcoholic fermentation begins; this can last several months.

Our red grapes are loaded directly into our cement tanks; so begins the maceration period leading to the alcoholic fermentation.

The « Cuvée Médiavale » comes from young vines and is subjected to very little maceration in order to preserve its fruity vivacity…… This is a wine for gourmets.

The « Cuvee Séléction » is made from old vines; these grapes are macerated for several days in order to obtain a deep colour and flavour which can only be found in our older plots.
Some of the « Cuvée Séléction » is kept and left to age gently in barrels after which it becomes the “Cuvée Tradition”.

Our “Cuvée Renaissance” is made my blending 80% of our Cuvée Tradition with 20% Cabernet Sauvignon thus creating a spicy, atypical wine for special occasions..

And the ageing process?

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